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​ショールーム オープン2周年








​営業時間 10:00~17:00




Uwajima Pearl Brand

The best pearl producing area in Japan

 Pearl production in Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture is the highest in Japan. Located on the southern tip of Uwajima, the Yura Peninsula is a Rias-style coast with rich natural resources and is the most suitable environment for pearl cultivation.

 Tensei pearl is a complete system that provides a series of pearl cultivation, processing, and sales services. It displays and sells high-quality pearls directly in department stores nationwide.

 Everyone is welcome to come and evaluate the peace and high quality Uwajima Pearl brand with their own eyes.

Ehime Fishery products Catchphrase


・ October 14 (Wed)-20 (Tue) Nishinomiya Hankyu

・ November 11 (Wed)-17 (Tue) Usui Department Store


・ November 18 (Wed)-24 (Tue) Kintetsu Department Store

                                             Main Store AbenoHarukas


* Please note that events may be canceled due to the effects of COVID-19.

Our pearl culture

The appeal of KOSIMONO

 Tensei Pearl has excellent conditions for producing two-year cultured pearls called 「KOSHIMONO」

Compared with the one-year cultured pearl called 「TO-NENMONO」, it takes more time, and its multi-layer generation can cultivate a deeper gloss, even if time passes, it will not reduce its beauty. 

 Together with the rich natural environment, we produce high-quality pearls with the power of nature and the power of staff.

Tensei Pearl Working process for pearls

The Challenge of Manufacturing

Something to change. 
        Something that never changes.

 The needs of the times for pearls are changing day by day, and Along with this, the design of the Tensei pearl has also continued to evolve.

 To ensure that our pearls can be used for a long time with peace of mind, we never compromise on quality control and continue to work tirelessly to make better products.
 This has been and will continue to be the DNA of Tensei Pearl.

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