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 This necklace is made of black pearls from Tahiti.

  It is available in a variety of colors, including peacock color, which is symbolized by peacock feathers, as well as gray and black.


 Basically, we use only peacock colors and only the highest quality pearls.

 We have a wide range of rings, from standard rings to luxurious designs for parties.

Design necklace

 We create necklaces with the charm of South Sea pearls with various ingenuity.

 The bold design, which cannot be expressed with Akoya pearls, is also unique to South Sea pearls.


 This chic black pearl pendant will enhance the overall impression of your fashion coordination and create a sense of presence.

Earrings・Pierced earrings

 This pair of earrings is made of black pearls that are colored with advanced technology.

 You can order a simple one for formal use or a swing type, depending on your preference.

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