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Akoya pearl

 We offer a wide range of designs for both formal and casual occasions.


 Discover our jewelry collection, the quintessence of Tensei pearl, where the value of the material has been raised to the highest level.

South Sea black pearl

 The chic brilliance of this series of black  pearls gives a mature impression. The expression that is shown by the angle of view attracts the person who sees it.


 As a second line of formals, it also matches the sophisticated and elegant attire.

South Sea pearl white lips

 This series has large, powerful grains that are not found in Akoya pearls.

 It's a dignified, profound sparkle that has blossomed into jewelry.

It will enhance your outfit to the next level.

South sea pearl gold lips

The golden pearl has a unique presence that no other gemstone can match.

 They come in a variety of shades, from a lustrous champagne color to a darker brown-gold color.


Keshi pearl

 Because of its rarity, the Keshi pearl was also used for antique jewelry, and after many years of use, it has been merged with today's jewelry.

Enjoy the shape and expression that is unique to the world.

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