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From the producer

 Thank you very much for visiting the website of Tensei Pearl.

 Tensei Pearl sells pearl jewelry at department stores and exhibition halls throughout Japan. We are encouraged by the fact that many of our customers say, "I'm glad to see you again.
 Now, we are going to ask the customers we meet at the venue, "What kind of place is the Yura Peninsula in Uwajima, the hometown of Tensei Pearl?  We are often asked, "What do you want to do? Our hometown is surrounded by a rich sea that changes its expression every moment depending on the season and the weather.

It's actually a very inconvenient place because it's not very accessible by car from the city. It takes about 40 minutes from the center of Uwajima City. It takes nearly three hours to get to the nearest Matsuyama Airport when you go to department stores across the country for a sales trip. But no matter how tired we are, no matter how late we are, we will always come back to our hometown.

To make something good

 We don't leave the production area. We take great care of this work, which is with the blessings of the sea, watching the sea, the weather, and the shellfish. In addition to the power of the shellfish, the quality of the pearls will be improved by careful cleaning of the shellfish.

 A work of art created by the power of the sea and human hands. That is the "pearl".

Please let us know if you see Tensei Pearl at any of our exhibition halls nationwide. Please take a look at the various products grown and processed by the sea and us.

And if you ever get a chance, please come and visit our hometown too. Our staff is looking forward to seeing you.

Tensei Pearl staff introduction


Masanori Yamamoto

2nd generation

 Tensei pearl, which had been specializing in pearl cultivation, opened the way of processing and sales.

While being involved in the purchase and sorting of mother shellfish and pearl farming in general, she is involved in sales, valuing communication with customers.


Shohei Yamamoto

3rd generation

 After training at a jewelry trading company in Tokyo, he inherited his family's pearl business.

 In addition to handling all aspects of the business, he is also enthusiastic about new product development and overseas sales.


Yasuyo Yamamoto

 The main pillar of the Tensei Pearl.  Responsible for raw material procurement, product design, custom-made, and after-sales maintenance.

 We give shape to our customers' detailed requests.




 The company is the mainstay of the cultivation department, managing the fishery and processing the raised beads throughout the year. He has a reputation for her enthusiastic customer service and sells pearls with a thorough knowledge of pearls and careful explanations.


Daiki Mizuo

 While mainly involved in aquaculture and sales, he is also involved in product creation with his dexterous hands.

 We are serious about selling pearls both at home and abroad.

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