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Commitment to cultivation

An environment like no other

 Uwajima City in Ehime Prefecture is the largest producer of pearls in Japan.

Our hometown, Shimonada District, is located in the southernmost part of Uwajima City, on the Yura Peninsula. Blessed with an abundance of nature, it is the most suitable area for pearl cultivation,surrounded by the sea currents of the Bungo Channel and deep inlets from the rias coast.
 With the blessings of nature, quality pearls are nurtured through the power of living things and human skills.

Yura Peninsula Aerial photo
Comparison of the sme siza Tensei Pearl

Commitment to "Koshimono"

Something that can be used for a long time

 While the majority of pearls are "To-nenmono" pearls cultured for about one year, we mainly produce "Koshimono" pearls cultured for two years..

 While there is a risk that the survival rate of the mother oysters may decrease and that natural wounds called ecbo may occur, the pearls are thicker, have a deeper pearl luster, and are less likely to change color over time.

​Producing high quality pearls

Small quantity,High quality

 At Tensei Pearl, we take advantage of the lessons learned from the mass perishing of Akoya shells due to dense planting in 1995 and limit the amount of Akoya shells cultivated, taking care of them without burdening the nature.
 We process them ourselves and carefully sell them one by one.
Normally, pearls are put up for bidding and sold wholesale by processors, but we do not sell them wholesale because of the limited production volume.

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