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Customer support

For long term use

 All of our Tensei Pearls products come with a certificate of guarantee, so you can use them with peace of mind.

 You can change the threads of our necklaces free of charge.
 Please feel free to contact us for any other matters such as reforming our products or adjusting the length of your necklace.

 You can bring your products to us during the exhibition and we will process them on the spot. If you are in a hurry or far away, please send it by post.

Pearl Maintenance

A pearl is a living thing

 After use, please wipe the surface dry with a soft cloth to prevent deterioration of the surface if it is stored for a long time with sweat on it.


 When sweat or cosmetics adhere, especially in the summer, soak a towel in lukewarm water, wring it out tightly, and then wipe the surface. Afterwards, wipe the surface dry with a soft cloth to wipe away the moisture.

天成真珠 ネックレス

After follow Q&A

Customer's voice

 Our first priority is to build a trusting relationship with our customers, and we talk to each and every one of them before we sell our products to them.


 Some of our customers look forward to coming to their nearest department store year after year.

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