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Tipes of pearls

 There are many different types of pearls in the world.

This is because the mother shell , which is the creator of pearls, has different habitats.

 In general, the higher the water temperature, the larger the mother shell grows, which in turn leads to the production of large pearls.

真珠の種類 天成真珠

Quality of pearls

How to Identify Pearls

 Just like human beings, each pearl has its own personality. Therefore, there is no one thing in the world that is exactly the same. In addition to size, the value of a pearl is determined by six other factors: color, Teri(luster),Maki(Nacre thickness), shape, and Blemish (dimples).

The Pearl Quality

​History of  Pearl

History of pearls

We would like to introduce the history of pearls, which are said to be the world's oldest gemstone.

Pearl cultivation in our area

 In 1627, the Uwajima clan established a cooperative fishermen's organization in the "Yura Peninsula" at the locations of Suge,Naru, and Hirai in order to raise financial resources.

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