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Commitment to cultivation

 While 90% of pearl producers pursue efficiency by shortening the cultivation period, we spend two years producing high quality pearls with thick sowing, few blemishes, and little color change under strict quality control.

About Tensei Pearl

Establishment of an integrated production and sales system

 Tensei Pearl makes the best use of its local advantages to deliver high quality pearls with an integrated system of cultivation, processing and sales.
Please feel free to stop by and see our products as they are sold by the producers themselves, mainly to department stores in Japan and abroad.
 We also offer a full range of after-sales services to ensure a long service life.

Commitment to processing

 Rough diamonds shine only when polished, but in the case of pearls, more than 90% of the shine is determined by the quality of the pearl. No matter how much you process a bad quality product, it won't be clean.
 High quality pearls can shine as raw pearls, but they are minimally processed to bring out their beauty.

 We select pearls according to their size and use, and under the supervision of GIA.G.G. (Gemologist of the United States), we carry out thorough quality control to create setting designs that maximize the beauty of the pearls while valuing their individuality.

Commitment to sales

  The sale of Tensei pearl is limited time only.
We introduce our seasonal products from our perspective as a pearl cultivation company.
 By cutting out the fixed costs of running a store, we can make it more affordable. We sell our products at department stores and event venues both in Japan and abroad.

Customer support

 All of our products come with a certificate of guarantee, so you can use them with peace of mind. You can change the threads of our necklaces free of charge.

 Please feel free to contact us for any other matters such as reforming our products or adjusting the length of your necklace.

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