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About blemishes (dimples) of pearls

 Blemishes on pearls are also known as dimples. It refers to the protrusions and indentations that naturally formed during cultivation, rather than the ones that were attached to the product after it became a product when it hit something. Few pearls are intact, and we use them in a variety of places to make holes. We select one for single-hole and one for double-hole based on the position of blemishes and the balance of color and texture. We use pearls with fewer blemishes because the single hole is more visible.

 Since pearls cannot be polished to remove blemishes like other gemstones, blemishes can be said to be proof of nature.

Type of Blemish


Small Blemish

Medium Blemish


Big Blemish


No blemishes

No luster

There's a blemish.

​It's shiny


​The relationship between Blemish and  Maki

 Blemishes on pearls have a deep relationship with sowing. Since blemishes are produced in the sea, there is a higher chance of producing pearls with fewer blemishes if the cultivation period is shortened. However, since the sowing becomes thinner, there is a possibility of losing Teri.

 If there is a certain amount of blemishes, it is better to focus on the Teri, especially in the case of both holes, except for the beads that are too much blemishes.

 A pearl with good Teri strength has a characteristic that blemishes are difficult to see because the core appears to stand out.

 Of course, that's not to say that intact pearls don't exist.
There are very few Perfect pearls and most of them are processed for rings.

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