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Customer's voice

We have received many letters and emails after the exhibition, which have been very encouraging to us. I'd like to share with you a few of those happy letters.

A.T., Hokkaido

I watch every day as I think of the process of making small pearls with the craftsman's skill. I'm very happy and thank you for recommending it to me, Mr. Yamamoto. Thank you very much.



M.N., Tottori Prefecture

The flickering of the pearls, the weight in my hand, the beauty of the color, I am impressed. Thank you very much. Thank you for sending us more than we paid for. It was a gift from a grandmother to her grandchildren and made a nice keepsake. We are happy to do so. With gratitude 


T.T., Chiba Prefecture

Thank you very much for making the earrings that I ordered, they look just as good as I imagined. I enjoy it every day.

M.Y., Tokyo

I had a magical relationship with a ring reformation from Keshi Pearl. I also have a relationship with people from Shikoku, and when I see things from Shikoku, I feel very close to them.

Mr. H.S., Nagano Prefecture

Thank you for the beautiful pearls as always. He walked with a pinched back that was curled up. Even though her eyes are getting worse, the beauty of these pearls comes across. I'm sure they've lived in a beautiful natural environment. I look forward to seeing more beautiful pearls next year.

K.O., Osaka

Thank you so much for the other day. I was filled with a feeling of joy. I think it's too respectable for me, but I'd like to treasure it as a talisman. I take it out, look at it, and grin by myself.

Y.I., Fukuoka Prefecture

Thank you for the beautiful photos. I wear it every day (almost) and enjoy it. I think I made a very good purchase and I'm glad I made a good encounter. This month is my birthday and I bought it for myself as a reward. He looks into the mirror with glee. Please do your best to produce beautiful pearls.


J.A., Aichi Prefecture

I recently decided to renovate my grandmother's pearl ring, so I consulted with her son. I've been holding it as a keepsake and the design is so old that I haven't had a chance to wear it, so I'm really looking forward to the fact that I'll be able to change it into a necklace and wear it. I think I'll go with a simple gold necklace as I consulted with your son.


K.T., Tokyo

Thank you very much for the postcard of the view from the Yura Peninsula. I couldn't decide whether to get the pearl for myself or my daughter, but I decided on my own young sashimi just because of my mood. I'm spending my days happy. I'm looking forward to seeing you again.


H.T., Hiroshima Prefecture


I just received the necklace that you repaired today. Thank you very much for the warm response from your company. I would like to thank you next time.

A phrase of thanks: "I live with warm encounters with people. 

天成真珠 伊予鉄高島屋からの表彰

We received a certificate of commendation from Iyotetsu Takashimaya in Ehime Prefecture.

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